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Become a Postpartum Doula Trainer

Share your expertise: become a DONA International approved trainer

DONA International sets high standards for trainers because of the direct impact that they have on the future of our profession. We reserve the right to select only those applicants who best represent DONA International to be recognized as DONA International trainers. DONA International trainers uphold and value DONA International’s Mission, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Trainer Code of Conduct.

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Requirements and steps to becoming a Trainer
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Explanation of Approval Process


DONA International-Approved Postpartum Doula Trainer Requirements

1. Complete Application for DONA International Approval as a Postpartum Doula Trainer to include:

  • Resume of experience, including education, employment and other relevant information
  • Successful completion of a DONA International Postpartum Doula Teacher Training Workshop
  • Certified DONA International Postpartum Doula, active status
  • Evidence of experience as a postpartum doula, having supported at least 20 families
  • Evaluations from 5 clients and their partners or other adult support
  • 200 Teaching or Support Facilitation/Leadership hours within the following categories:
    • Postpartum Doula Training
    • Childbirth Education
    • Issues of Postpartum Education/ Facilitation
    • Parenting Education/ Facilitation specific to the periods of the Newborn and infancy
    • Breastfeeding Education/ Facilitation
    • Birth Doula Training
    • Nursing Instruction that relates specifically to birth and postpartum

All hours must be either in Teaching classes (minimum of 4 participants or 4 couples per class, whichever applies) or Facilitating/leading a support group in this field (minimum of 4 participants per session.)

**Trainer-candidate should be prepared to supply class lists, locations, and participant references from participants if requested by DONA International.

  • If the Trainer-candidate is an experienced Postpartum Doula trainer, all 200 hours may come from that category
  • If the Trainer-candidate is not an experienced Postpartum Doula Trainer, her teaching/support facilitation experience must prove a well-rounded knowledge base and teaching experience. Only 125 hours can be from any one of the categories listed above. The candidate must also have 75 hours in one or more of the above categories.
  • Only 75 hours can be from support group facilitation/leadership. The remaining 125 hours must be as an instructor

The Trainer-candidate must also supply:

  • A signed letter stating completion of required reading
  • Evidence of current DONA International membership
  • Three Letters of Reference
    • Character reference
    • Teaching reference
    • Caregiver reference


2. Attend and successfully complete a DONA International Postpartum Doula Trainer Workshop.

Find a Doula Trainer Workshop

3. Complete Application for DONA International Approval of a Postpartum Doula Trainer Workshop Curriculum, which must include:

  • Teaching agenda/schedule (including breaks) that verifies the minimum of 27 hours (1,620 minutes) of instruction time
  • Detailed course outline including objectives, outline, and teaching method for each subject covered in the anticipated trainings
  • Titles, length and content of any videos or slide presentations to be used in course
  • Description of how DONA International’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics will be conveyed to course participants
  • A list of all training handouts titles, submitting ONLY copies of non-DONA International training handouts
  • Description of any prerequisites required of participants before taking the course and evidence that non-professionals will be allowed to take the course
  • List of referral sources in area where trainer is located
  • Signed verification that trainer has read policies regarding DONA approval status.

4. Complete and submit Applications for Approval as a Postpartum Doula Trainer, supporting paperwork, and application fee of $150.00.

DONA International reserves the right to select, in its best judgment, those applicants who best represent DONA International; uphold and value DONA International's Mission, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; and meet or exceed all other requirements.

Applications for Approval of a Postpartum Doula Curriculum and Approval as a Postpartum Doula Trainer will be provided at the Postpartum Doula Trainer Workshop.


An Explanation of the DONA International Approval Process for Postpartum Doula Trainers and Workshop Curricula

The DONA International approval process consists of reviewing the qualifications of birth doula trainers and their workshop curricula to determine whether they meet specific curriculum requirements, provide high quality instruction, and promote DONA International’s Mission, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

The Education Committee will review your application and inform you of its decision as soon as possible, but within two (or rarely three) months of the date the application is received. The committee may require additional information from you after reviewing your application if it did not meet all the requirements during the first review. Because there may be a need to submit additional materials and for the committee to review again, please do not schedule a doula workshop until you have been approved.

If DONA International approves your application, participants attending the entire workshop taught by you, using the approved curriculum, may count their attendance as one step toward DONA International Postpartum Doula Certification.

Approval is for three years, after which you may apply for re-approval. Three months before your approval’s expiration date you will be notified of the steps to take for re-approval. Reapproval is contingent upon your adherence to the DONA International Postpartum Doula Trainer requirements and policies, and receipt of satisfactory evaluations from your workshop participants.

If you have any questions, please contact the DONA International Education Committee at .





Postpartum Doula Trainer Forms

Application to Attend a DONA International Postpartum Doula Trainer Workshop
(104Kb PDF)

Forms Not Available Online
Applications for Approval of a Postpartum Doula Curriculum and Approval as a Postpartum Doula Trainer will be provided at the Postpartum Doula Trainer Workshop.

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