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Continuing Education

Keep growing professionally through continuing education

Through continuing education, you may continue learning through presentations and workshops on topics relevant to your doula practice, but not covered in basic doula workshops. DONA International Certified Doulas may register their continuing education units.

Find a Continuing Education Workshop

Continuing Education Approval Guidelines

What qualifies for DONA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Educational events (presentations and workshops) that provide continuing education on topics relevant to the scope and practice of doulas, but are not typically covered in a basic Doula Workshop. Some examples of acceptable continuing education topics would be:

  • Adoption and the Doula
  • Advanced Breastfeeding
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Postpartum Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Difficult Labor Scenarios
  • Medical Interventions
  • Induction and Augmentation of Labor
  • Support Special Needs Clients
  • Advanced Comfort Measures
  • Sharing Case Studies
  • Birth Plans
  • Socially Disadvantaged Client
  • Cesarean/VBAC

Detailed application steps for a two-year approval from the Education Committee of DONA International are outlined in the application form.

It is not necessary to apply for DONA International Continuing Education Units if a program already has CEUs in place from another major perinatal organization such as ICEA, Lamaze International, IBLCE and nursing organizations.

No applications will be approved if they will take place near a DONA International function (i.e. within 6 weeks and 150 miles of a DONA International Conference or DONA International doula workshop.)

After approval, DONA International will provide a Certificate of Attendance for participants.

DONA International will provide free listings of trainings in the Find a Continuing Education Workshop section of this website and in the training calendar section of the International Doula. This benefit is for DONA International-approved Advanced Doula Training Continuing Education only. For events already awarded CEUs from another organization, the training may be listed for a $25 fee per date.

The basic process for Continuing Education approval is as follows:

  1. Fill out the Application form.
    Download the CUE Application Form  
    (60 Kb PDF)
  2. Gather course material as requested in the checklist.
    Download the CUE Checklist  
    (72 Kb PDF)
  3. Submit two copies of all materials to:

    DONA International Education Committee
    DONA International
    PO Box 3948
    Parker, CO 80134

    A committee member will notify you with recommendations or approval within four weeks of receipt of a complete application.
  4. With the application, include payment of $10 for each 50 minutes of instruction. 50 minutes of instruction = 1 DONA International CEU. The total minutes of instruction divided by 50 equals the number of DONA International CEUs. The processing fee covers approval for a two-year period regardless of the number of offerings of the approved program within the two-year approval period. A non-refundable fee of 20% will be retained on non-approved programs.
  5. Within one month after each continuing education event, please submit a summary of the evaluations and a list of names and addresses of the participants.
  6. The deadline for application submission is six weeks before the program date. Applications postmarked later than four weeks prior to the event will not be accepted.

Notify the committee if outline or speaker changes are made to the program during the two-year approval period. An additional fee may be assessed if the DONA International ADT Chair determines that reevaluation is required.






Continuing Education Forms

CEU Application Form
(60 Kb PDF)

CEU Checklist
(72 Kb PDF)